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*Performance dates: April 2, 3, 4 and 9, 10, 11 - 2021


Auditions are Online.


Email me the character or characters you are interested in auditioning for and I will send you a copy of the sides. Once taped simply send the file back.To receive sides, ask a question and/or submit your audition, click on the link below.




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      4 Female Roles:

Miss Grimhilde            Adult female, stern.

Wendy Darling            Adult female security guard, pollyannish.

Defense Attorney        Adult male or female                                                  Gloria Rinella               Adult female,  thitries - forties, sultry, hard-                                                    edged.

5 Male Roles

Ronnie “The Rat” Rinuccio      Adult male, thirties- forties, good                                                                   looking, loveable rogue type.

James “Jersey Jim” Campoleone        

                                                    Adult male, fifties or sixties,                                                                            large man.

Max Kellner                                Adult male, hardened ex-Navy seal.

Prosecutor                                  Adult male

Tony “Pizza Face” Tantino        Adult male, thirties - forties.