JWL Season 3   |   2020 Main Stage Productions



January 10, 11, 12 - 2020

Ana Saco can't escape the nightmares of her past. Kidnapped and forced into sex work by human traffickers, she meets others who were captured under different circumstances. After officers rescue her from the traffickers, she tells her story and everything she learned from the other victims in hopes of preventing abductions in the future. Inspired by true experiences from sex trafficking victims, the horrors of this industry are not in some distant country, but in our own backyard.


An Evening of Stage Readings

July 24th and 25th - 2020

An intimate evening of original plays, written by local writers and performed by local talent. 


From humor to drama and everything in between, our writers have covered all the bases for your entertainment.

All proceeds are going to Just Cares Inc. a local charitable organization. 

Walrus: A Beatles Sing-Along


October 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18 - 2020

Cynthia Campbell is a sincere, honest woman with only one question: Was her father actually Paul McCartney? In desperation to find the truth, she hires detective Lazarus to investigate her family ties and the clues the Beatles left behind.

In this karaoke-style investigation, hosts Eleanor the skeptic and Maxwell, her more suspicious sidekick narrator the story of a girl trying to discover her true identity and answer the decades old question: Is Paul McCartney REALLY Paul McCartney? Was he replaced by a body double? Were there hidden messages in the Beatles music and imagery following "the accident" or is it all just coincidence inspired by a wild imagination?

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