What we do

Our Mission is to provide a comfortable and safe haven for writers of all ages and skill levels to workshop their scripts with the assistance of peers and actors.

​Our Objective is to give writers the opportunity to hear their work read aloud and assist them in sharpening their storytelling through useful feedback. We also strive to give actors a chance to practice reading or voice acting through the script table reads.

We hope that through this process we can develop relationships with writers and find pieces to nurture into production.

Just Write! Lakeland is an organization that does not tolerate racism, hate, or violence of any kind. We strive for inclusiveness, diversity, acceptance and tolerance, and we work hard to support each other in these efforts.  

The views, information, remarks or opinions expressed during the critique section of our workshops solely belong to the individuals making them and do not represent those of Just Write! Lakeland.  The personal views, political views and opinions of writers and members who associate with Just Write! Lakeland is solely theirs and do not represent the views of this organization.  

Each Week

We read a play or screenplay in its entirety regardless of length.

We cast roles to readers so that the writer may get a better understanding of who their characters are and what they sound like.

We provide feedback through a critique session thereby providing the writer with different perspectives on what does and does work in their piece.

We reserve the right to:

Decline any script for any reason.

Decide which subjects or ideas to approach and produce.

Decide which pieces to read on a weekly basis.

If you are interested in having your work read at a weekly meeting, please see the SUBMISSIONS tab for guidelines and join us Monday night.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: ​justwritelakeland@gmail.com