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Our Opening Production

Just Write! Lakeland was an idea that took root and traveled its own course in less than a few short months. From infancy to realization, the dream has been on a lightning fast ride. Under the Not-for-Profit auspices of Just Cares Foundation, Just Write! Lakeland has become a niche organization and safe haven for local writers of stage,screen and talented actors. To think that we are now, June 8/9th 2018 producing our first project "Weekend of One Acts," is almost incomprehensible considering that we have existed for such a short period of time.

I along with my fellow Producers Ken Bundy and Jon Fedkiw, have managed to get ourselves into quite a happy commitment. We have vetted scripts of all types, provided critiques and selected deliciously fun plays that are being produced this weekend.

Each of the short tales has something for almost everyone. I am sure that much of it will touch your heart.

We're happy to be involved with this project and will be reporting our progress from time to time. Thank you for looking in on us. I welcome your feedback!

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