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Rules of Engagement

WRITERS...please refrain from talking unless called upon. If the work needs to be defended or explained then there are issues with it (which is why you are here.)

WRITERS...You may invite whomever you'd like to attend (to serve as an audience member and participate in the talkback), BUT REMEMBER, this workshop is to provide you with feedback for revisions and sometimes people let their feelings get in the way of objective criticism.

ATTENDEES...please limit your feedback to ONLY constructive criticism comments, suggestions, and opinions that pertain DIRECTLY to the piece being read. Plot, structure, and character are the items that need to be addressed. Any discussion that veers away from these points CAN and SHOULD be cut off by the Facilitator. This  includes utilizing the Zoom MUTE function.

ATTENDEES...Please respect what your peers are saying and do not cut the other person off while they are speaking.

ATTENDEES...Discussing or critiquing the performance is  NOT encouraged NOR allowed without express consent from the reader(s). 

FACILTATORS...Reserve the right to mute and cut off attendees that overstep their bounds in the talk back discussion portion of the evening. 

REMEMBER...The views, information, remarks or opinions expressed during the critique section of our workshops solely belong to the individuals making them and do not represent those of Just Write! Lakeland.  The personal views, political views and opinions of writers and members who associate with Just Write! Lakeland is solely theirs and do not represent the views of this organization.

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